Laws and regulations

The RBG issues and collects taxes based on the following legislation:

You can find more information about the following laws at (mostly in Dutch)

Algemene wet inzake rijksbelastingen (State Taxes Act)
Algemene wet bestuursrecht (General Administrative Law Act)
Invorderingswet 1990 (Dutch Collection of State Taxes Act of 1990)
Kostenwet invordering rijksbelastingen (Dutch Collection of State Taxes (Charges) Act)
Wet openbaarheid bestuur (Government Information (Public Access) Act)
Algemene termijnenwet (General Extension of Time Limits Act)
Waterschapswet (Water Boards Act)
Waterwet (Water Act)
Gemeentewet (Municipalities Act)
Wet milieubeheer (Environmental Management Act)
Wet waardering onroerende zaken (Valuation of Immovable Property Act)
Besluit proceskosten bestuursrecht (Decree on Procedural Costs)
Uitvoeringsregeling Invorderingswet 1990 (The Decree Implementing the Law on the Collection of Taxes of 1990)

Regionale Belasting Groep Partnership
Gemeenschappelijke regeling Regionale Belasting Groep per 1-1-2018 (Partnership scheme for the RBG as of 1-1-2018)
House Rules for Visitors/Clients
Privacy Statement RBG
Responsible Disclosure

Issuance and collection of taxes

The water boards and municipalities define the tax regulations. You can find these on the website of each municipality or water board.
Delfland water board website
Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard water board website 
Website for the Delft municipality
Website for the Vlaardingen municipality 
Website for the Schiedam municipality

Implementation rules (policy) for the Regionale Belasting Groep
Uitvoeringsregels aanwijzen belastingplichtige en woz-belanghebbende RBG vanaf 1 mei 2014 (RBG Implementation rules for assigning taxable persons and WOZ stakeholders as of 1 May 2014)

Uitvoeringsregels ambtshalve vermindering belastingen RBG (RBG Implementation rules for official reduction of taxes)
Uitvoeringsregels proceskostenvergoeding bezwaarprocedures RBG (RBG Implementation rules for compensation for procedural costs for objections)
Uitvoeringsregels bestuurlijke boeten RBG 2014 (RBG Implementation rules for administrative fines)
Uitvoeringsregels hondenbelasting RBG 2014 (RBG Implementation rules for the dog tax for 2014)
Leidraad Invordering RBG 2016 per 1 juli 2016 (RBG Tax Collection Guidelines as of 1 July 2016)

Reglement automatische incasso RBG 2013 (RBG Rules for direct debit for 2013)

Verordening behandeling klachten RBG (RBG Regulations for handling of complaints)