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Do you have debts and are you unable to pay your RBG assessments as a result? Please do contact us. We can be reached by phone on working days at 088 291 10 00. Below, please find other steps you can take.

What can you do if you are in debt?

  1. 1. Always contact us in case of debts

    Our telephone number is 088 291 10 00. Together we will look for a suitable solution.
    Do you want us to call you? Request a call-back via the contact form. Choose ‘I┬áhave another question’ as the subject. Do not forget to include your telephone number.

  2. Apply for exemption

    Maybe you can get exemption. First, do the exemption check. Then you can see if it would be sensible to apply for exemption.
    You can apply for exemption via My RBG or by telephone via 088 291 11 99. (Please have your contact reference ready. This is stated in the top right-hand side of your assessment)

  3. Do you have more debts? Look for help

    For free advice and help with resolving your debts, go to your local authority. Each municipal authority has its own regulation for this situation. You can also find more information at They can put you in touch with an accredited debt counsellor. This will prevent you from ending up with incompetent or unreliable providers.

What happens if you do nothing?

  1. Unfortunately, we cannot take your situation into account if you do not contact us. This means we will proceed with collection. This means extra collection fees that can quickly mount up. So always contact us. This enables us to find a suitable solution together.


Telephone numbers of municipalities

Municipality Telephone number
Delft, Pijnacker-Nootdorp 14 015
Den Haag, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Rijswijk, Wassenaar 14 070
Rotterdam, Schiedam, Maassluis, Capelle a/d IJssel 14 010
Westland 14 1274
Zoetermeer 14 079
Gouda, Waddinxveen, Krimpenerwaard 14 0182
Lansingerland 010 800 40 00
Midden-Delfland 015 38041 11
Vlaardingen 010 248 40 00
Krimpen aan den IJssel 0180 540 655
Zuidplas 0180 330 300
Nederlek 0180 667 777