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The Dutch Open Government Act (Woo)

From 1 May 2022, the Open Government Act (Dutch abbreviation: Woo) will replace the Government Information (Public Access) Act (Dutch abbreviation: WOB). The WOO makes it better and easier for everyone to find information from the government. This makes the government more transparent.

Requesting Information

If a document cannot be found on our website or on, we recommend that you make a request for information using our contact form first. Choose ‘I have another question’ as the subject and put ‘information request’ at the top of your message. 

The Woo contact person of the Regional Tax Group (RBG) will deal with this request and helps you submit your request or may forward documents to you. This will take less time than required by the RBG for making an official decision on a Woo request.

You can also submit your information request in writing. Send a letter to PO Box 923, 3100 AX, Schiedam, attn. Woo contact person. State your name and address and describe your request as clearly as possible.

When will you receive a response to your Woo request?

  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt.
  • You will receive a response to your request within four weeks.
  • The RBG may extend this period by 2 weeks if the request is extensive or complicated. In that case, it may take longer before you receive a response.
  • You will receive our response in the way in which you submitted your request (electronically or in writing).