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The RBG’s tasks

The Regional Tax Group levies and collects water board taxes for the Schieland & Krimpenerwaard and Delfland District Water Control Boards. The RBG also implements the levy and collection of municipal taxes for the municipal authorities of Delft, Schiedam and Vlaardingen. The RBG also implements the tasks pursuant to the WOZ Act for these municipal authorities.

You contribute towards the work that water authorities and municipalities do for you and others. Below, you can see what water authorities and municipalities do.

Tasks of water authority and municipality Water authority • Cleaning dirty water using waste water treatment plants • Dyke maintenance • Regulating the water levels • Providing clean water Municipality • Waste collection • Sewerage maintenance • General provisions: o Roads and streets o Trees and shrubs o Playground o Community centre

What does the water authority do?

  • Cleaning dirty water. Consider, for example, water from the toilet, shower, washing machine and kitchen. This is done with waste water treatment plants.
  • Minimising the chance of flooding. For example, by maintaining the dykes and the embankments. By pumping out water when it rains a lot. Or by retaining water when there is a drought. The water authority also takes care of clean, healthy and flowing water.

What does the municipality do?

  • The collection and processing of your waste.
  • Maintaining the sewer system. This is the pipe system that takes your dirty water to the waste water treatment plant of the water authority.
  • Taking care of general matters in your place of residence. Consider, for example, trees, shrubs, streets, community centres and playgrounds.