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laws and regulations

The Regional Tax Group levies and collects taxes based on regulations. The following regulations apply.


You can find the following laws on
1990 Collection of State Taxes Act
Tax Collection (Costs) Act
Government Information (Public Access) Act
General Extension of Time-limits Act
Water Boards Act
Water Act
Municipalities Act
Environmental Management Act
Valuation of Immovable Property Act
Decree process costs administrative law
1990 Collection of State Taxes Act (Implementation Regulations)

General Regional Tax Group

Community scheme Regional Tax Group per 1-1-2018 and the task list.
By-laws for visitors / clients of the RBG
General purchasing terms and conditions Regional Tax Group
Privacy statement
Responsible disclosure

Levying and collecting taxes

The water boards and the municipal authorities enact the tax regulations. These are available from the website of the relevant municipal authorities or water board.

Website Delfland Water Control Board
Website Schieland & Krimpenerwaard Water Control Board
Website Delft municipal authorities
Website Vlaardingen municipal authorities
Website Schiedam municipal authorities

Implementation rules (policy) Regional Tax Group

RBG Implementation rules identifying tax payer and WOZ stakeholder
RBG Implementation rules estimated tax rebate
RBG Implementation rules processing fee compensation objection procedures
RBG Implementation rules administrative fines 2014
RBG Implementation rules dog tax 2014
RBG Debt recovery guideline
RBG Direct debit regulation RBG 2013
RBG Regulation for processing complaints
RBG regulation for objection