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Accessibility website RBG

The Regional Tax Group believes it is important that online information is accessible to everyone. That is why we are working on the accessibility of our website.

We had an independent organisation carry out an accessibility test. We are in the process of increasing access to some sections. For this purpose, we have prepared an accessibility statement, including an improvement plan. The accessibility statement for our website, including My RBG is available from the national register of accessibility statements.

What can you do if information is not accessible?

Is our online information not accessible to you? Or do you have a question about the accessibility of our website? Please contact us via the contactform. Choose ‘other question’ as the subject. We will then find a suitable solution so that you can access the information.

What can you expect from us?

  • We will send you a confirmation of receipt within 5 days
  • You will receive a message within 3 weeks

Accessibility status

Check out the status of the accessibility of our website below.

Status toegankelijkheidslabel van Volg de link voor de volledige toegankelijkheidsverklaring