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RBG informs homeowners in advance in the event of an above-average increase of the WOZ value

The RBG sent out pre-notification letters to homeowners last week. These are owners of homes with a WOZ value that has increased more than average. This serves to allow for the owners to respond to such above-average increases before they receive the assessment from the RBG.

Please contact us if you do not agree with the appraised WOZ value

Do you have questions about the new WOZ value, or do you disagree with the WOZ value? Then schedule a call with one of our appraisers. Is the WOZ value incorrect? Then the appraiser can directly adjust this for you.

How much will the amount of the assessment decrease if your WOZ value decreases?

You can calculate this independently here: calculate tax assessment. Enter a lower WOZ value here. You can immediately see how much this will save you in property tax and water board tax.

How does the RBG determine the value?

The RBG reassesses the WOZ value on an annual basis. For 2022, the value of your home as of 1 January 2021 applies. This is called the reference date. We use the sales prices of comparable homes between 1 Januari 2020 and 1 januari 2022. We take into account the development of prices during this period. If few sales prices are available, the RBG can also use previous market data.

What homes was my house compared to and what else was factored into the valuation?

That is all set out in your appraisal report. If you log in via My RBG, you can see your valuation report. This shows which characteristics we have factored in. And also, which houses we have compared your house with. Of course, we take into account the differences between the houses.

Is the RBG free to determine how properties are valued, or is this standardised/supervised?

The RBG appraises on the basis of established standards. All municipal authorities and tax offices use these standards. The Valuation Chamber has been appointed as the supervisory body. The Valuation Chamber checks all municipal authorities and tax offices annually for quality and awards a score. The RBG scored ‘good’ in this inspection test.

You can find more answers on the WOZ page.