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Wage claim

Why is the RBG going to seize my income / benefit?

The Regional Tax Group (RBG) has sent a tax-bill, a Demand of payment letter, a writ of execution and a Final notice writ. At the moment, the tax-bill has not been paid in full. The RBG therefore intends to seize part of your income. This is possible on the basis of Article 19 of the 1990 Collection of State Taxes Act. Before your wages are seized, you receive advance notice of attachment of wages.

I received a preliminary announcement of wage claim. Can i pay in installments?

Yes. For this, contact the debt-collection team (088 291 11 70). You can then pay in two installments. The first installment must be in our account at the end of the month in which we request information. And the second installment at the end of the following month. If you did not pay in time, the RBG immediately proceeds to seize your wage/income or benefits.

I got a letter with the subject ‘Notification attachment of wages’. What should I do?

The letter states how the seizure-exempt threshold was calculated for you. This is the part of your income that we cannot seize. This part is at least 95% of the income support level. It is important that you check that the information in the letter is correct. Is something not correct, or is information missing? Please let us know as soon as possible. You can do this via My RBG.

If your income has already been seized, you can no longer arrange for payment in instalments.

Is the employer / benefits agency obliged to cooperate in the wage claim?

Yes. If the employer / benefits agency does not cooperate, the RBG can proceed with a claim of seizure.

Ask for help if you can’t cope.

Do you have no money, or not enough to make ends meet? Are you in debt? The municipal authorities can support you or get you in touch with organisations that can give you assistance. Please go to the municipal website or call your local City or municipal authorities.