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Water system levy for residents

The Water Control Board spends money to prevent water overflow and flooding as much as possible. This includes strengthening dykes and quays. The Water Control Board also has pumps to manage the water levels. Furthermore the water control board is responsible for clean water in ditches, ponds and lakes for nature development. Thanks to these measures, the area is suitable for living, working and leisure. The Water Control Board pays for the cost of the system using the water system levy money.

For whom?

The person who resides in a home as at 1 January with its own kitchen, toilet and bathroom / shower.

How is the tax calculated?

You pay a fixed amount per home. If you move to a different address in the course of the year, you must still pay for the entire year. At the new address, you will not receive a new tax bill for this type of taxes until the following year. This is a national rule.


Delfland Water Control Board: 2024 rate
€ 133.39 per home
Schieland & Krimpenerwaard Water Control Board: 2024 rate
€ 129.88 per home

Is exempion possible?

Yes, if you meet the conditions. Please go to the exemption page.