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Road levy for owner

The Water Control Board maintains and replaces a number of rural roads in the Krimpenerwaard area. The Water Control Board pays for the relevant cost using the road levy tax funds.

For whom?

The person who owns a home, building, commercial premises, plot or natural area in the Krimpenerwaard area as at 1 January.

How is the tax calculated?

Buildings (including greenhouses)
This is a fixed percentage of the WOZ value. You receive the WOZ value from your municipal authorities. The RBG sets the WOZ values for the municipal authorities of Delft, Schiedam and Vlaardingen.

Plots and natural areas without buildings
Multiplying the number of hectares by the rate. We receive the surface area details from the Land Registry Office.

If you sell the property in the course of the year, you must still pay for the entire year. Usually, the notary public will charge the new owner for the portion after the transfer date. But this is not required or automatic.


Category Rate 2024
Built-up property 0.0226% of the WOZ value. This amounts to € 22.60 per € 100,000 WOZ value.
Property without buildings € 31.67 per hectare
Natural areas € 31.67 per hectare
Roads € 31.67 per hectare

Is exempion possible?

No. This is not possible.