Can I request exemption?
The answer to this question depends on the location. Your information can be found by entering the zip code with number (without addition).
Check your postal code
How do I request exemption?

If your income is at or below the income support level (bijstandsniveau) and you have no assets, you will be able to request an exemption. The quickest way to do this is by calling us at (+31)(0)88 291 11 99 (make sure to have your contact number (contactnummer) on hand). Alternatively, you can also do so online. You will have to enter your DigiD (digital ID) information to log in; if you do not yet have a DigiD, you can easily apply for one at www.digid.nl

Go to exemption help or check the text below to see whether requesting an exemption is worth it.

  • the value of your car/motorcycle is over €2,269.00 euro and is not indispensable for your job;
  • you are a home owner;
  • you own a business;
  • you paid the assessment over 3 months ago;
Is there a deadline for requesting exemption?
I’m self-employed – can I request exemption too?
Which attachments do I have to include with the exemption form when I mail it?
I’ve provided all of the information requested. When will I hear back about whether or not I get an exemption?
What are the conditions for exemption?
What is the cost-sharing standard?
What are the standard amounts for exemption?
For which taxes can I request exemption?
My request for exemption was denied. I don’t agree with this – what can I do?
I’ve submitted a request for exemption – can I wait to pay until I hear back?
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Does student financial aid also count as ‘income’?
Can I get help with filling out the exemption form?
Is there a threshold for how high my bank account balance can be to be eligible for exemption?