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Waste water treatment levy for residential premises

The Water Control Board spends money to clean used water. For example, water you used for the dishwasher or to flush the toilet. This water goes into the sewer of a Water Control Board purification and filtration system. The Water Control Board pays for the cost of the system using the tax money.

For whom?

The resident of a home connected into the sewer system. The home should have its own kitchen, bathroom / shower and toilet.

How is the tax calculated?

There are two fixed rates. 1 pollution unit (1 VE) for someone living alone. 3 pollution units (3 VE) for a household of two or more persons. There is no 2 VE rate. The municipal authorities will inform us about the number of persons in the household. Do you come to live alone as from a date other than 1 January? Then we will automatically edit the details on the tax bill.

Delfland Water Control Board: rate 2024

1 person 2 or more persons
€ 106.04 (1 ve) € 318,12 (3 ve)

Schieland & Krimpenerwaard Water Control Board: rate 2024

1 person 2 or more persons
€ 71.29 (1 ve) € 213.87 (3 ve)

Is exempion possible?

No. The water control board aims to keep the waste water treatment levy affordable for everyone. If we would grant exemption, the rate for other tax payers would increase. This is why we divide the cost over all users. If everyone contributes, we can divide the cost over more people.