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RBG sends rebate notices digitally via MijnOverheid

Starting this week, the Regional Tax Group (RBG) will send rebate notices digitally. This applies to clients that registered at MijnOverheid. They will receive this letter in the Berichtenbox on This is the digital government inbox.

When will you receive a rebate notice?

You will receive this letter if something changes in your situation and your tax assessment is too high as a result. Examples of this include a move, a WOZ value that is too high or a change in living situation to living alone. The rebate notice states the amount by which your tax assessment was reduced.

What mail is sent digitally by RBG?

Since 2016, the RBG has sent tax assessments digitally, via the MijnOverheid Berichtenbox. Since this week, the rebate notice has been added to this. The aim is to send more and more letters digitally.

Would you like to receive your RBG mail digitally?

Register via You will receive the RBG mail in the Berichtenbox on MijnOverheid.