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Resolving the tax supplements scandal

The tax supplements scandal caused problems for many families. That is why the government has decided to do something about it. There is a law in the making. It will state that as many public debts as possible will be cancelled. This means you don’t have to pay such debts.

What does the RBG do?

The RBG issues tax bills on behalf of municipalities and water boards. These debts are also cancelled. The RBG has been informed by the Tax and Customs Administration which persons are entitled to such waivers. These persons will receive a letter from the RBG. It states which debts they do not have to pay.

New tax assessments must be paid

The government has divided the debts into old and new debts. Old debts are debts from 2020 and older years. New debts are the 2021 tax bills that have not yet been paid. These 2021 tax bills must be paid. You can see what payment methods are available on the payment page. Are you unable to pay? Please contact us by telephone. Our telephone number is 088 291 10 00. We will find a solution together.

Victim, but not yet registered as such with the National Tax Authorities?

We advise you to contact the National Tax Authorities, service team Child Care Supplement victims. You can contact them as follows:  

– By phone: 0800 – 2 358 358 (free of charge)

– Digital:

More information

More answers to your questions about the tax supplements scandal are available from the website of the tax authorities.


I’m a victim of the tax supplements scandal. I paid an old tax bill in 2021. Will I get that amount back?

Yes. If you paid off a debt for an older year in 2021, you get a refund. You will first receive a letter. We will then refund the amount.

I’m a victim of the tax supplements scandal. I already paid my old tax bills for 2021. Will I get those amounts back?

No. Unfortunately, that is not possible. The law only takes debts into account. Duly paid tax bills are not debts.