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RBG joins up with the municipality of Delft, regarding early detection of debts

The Regional Tax Group (RBG) has joined up this year on project EMMA (Eerder Melden Minder Achterstand) of the municipality of Delft. The RBG thereby helps with the early identification of debts. Delft is the first municipality where the RBG joins up with.

What does early detection mean?
The municipality wants to help Delft residents with (starting) money problems as early as possible. Various partners, including the RBG, participate in this. The partners report to the municipality if an invoice is not paid. Does someone have payment arrears with multiple partners? Then that is a reason for the municipality to visit. And see if suitable help can be offered.

What does the council do?
The municipality visits around 25 residents every month to provide appropriate assistance. The resident is not obliged to accept the help offered. After-care moments follow after six weeks and six months. Then it is reviewed whether the finances are already getting better.

More information about EMMA can be found on the website of the municipality of Delft