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RBG emails securely with Zivver

The Regional Tax Group uses Zivver for securely sending privacy-sensitive information

Privacy and data security are a very high priority for us. For sending confidential information by e-mail, the Regional Tax Group uses ZIVVER. This ensures that we send this sensitive information with state-of-the-art security, and that no one but you can read the contents of the email.

How do you open a message sent through Zivver?

Have you received an email from the Regional Tax Group through Zivver? Then open this message by clicking on the black button marked ‘Open message’. You will then be automatically redirected to Zivver’s secure environment. Click on the ‘Send me the code’ button. An email with a verification code will now be sent to your email address. Return to Zivver’s secure environment in your browser and enter the code from the verification email.

Open a message with a code in a text message

You have received a message that is secured by a text message code. The person sending you the message wants to make sure that only you can read it. Click on ‘Click for message’ and then ‘Send SMS text message’. Then enter the code you receive on your phone. Now you can read the message.

Open a message with an access code

You have received a secure message. The person sending you the message wants to make sure that only you can read it. The sender has given you an access code, either by post, telephone or in person. Click on “Click for Message” and enter this access code. Now you can read the message. Did you not receive an access code? Then contact the sender.