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Surface water pollution levy

The Water Control Board incurs costs to keep the water in pools and ditches. The Water Control Board also incurs costs for nature development. The Water Control Board pays for the relevant cost using the surface water pollution levy funds.

For whom

Residents of a home with its own kitchen, toilet and bathroom / shower. The water from the kitchen, toilet and shower is directly drained into the surface water (for example a ditch).

How calculated

There are two fixed rates. 1 pollution unit (1 VE) for someone living alone. 3 pollution units (3 VE) for a household of two or more persons. There is no 2 VE rate.


Delfland Water Control Board: rate 2020

Schieland & Krimpenerwaard Water Control Board: rate 2020

Exempion possible?

Yes. Please go to the exemption page.