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No increase in exemption capital norm

The Regionale Belasting Groep (RBG) is not yet permitted to execute the increase of the capital norm for exemptions.

What does the increase of the capital norm mean?

Parliament accepted a motion in 2021 that allows municipalities and water councils to increase the capital norm for pensioners and people on full disability by a maximum of 2,000 euro. The Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has to record a scheme for this.

Wh is the RBG not able to execute this increase?

Unfortunately, the increase scheme has not been implemented yet. As a result, there is no legal foundation for its execution. It looks like the scheme will enter into effect in 2023 at the earliest. The scheme cannot be applied retroactively.

What’s next?

We will continue to monitor national legislation closely. We are waiting for the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations’ announcement of the Regional authorities tax remission scheme. We will implement the increase as soon as possible.