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Important news about an exemption for people receiving Wajong, WIA or WAO benefits

Is your Wajong, WIA or WAO benefit higher this year than last year? And have you not received an exemption from us this year? Then contact us at or 088 299 10 00.

The following unintentionally did not receive exemption

Nationwide, people with Wajong, WIA or WAO benefits were unintentionally not granted an exemption. This was also true at the RBG. They were not granted exemption based on income. This was due to the higher benefit this group has received this year. The government has now decided that these people do not have to pay the assessments for which exemption applies.

We would like to get in touch with these people.

Unfortunately, we cannot see who this involves. This is why we ask you to contact us if this situation applies to you. Then we can reconsider the application for exemption.

RBG still processes pending exemption applications

In May, it became clear that people with such benefits were unintentionally not granted exemption. Subsequently, we did not process any exemption applications from people with such benefits. We waited for the government to decide how to deal with this situation. People affected have received a letter about this. Now that the government has decided, we have restarted processing these applications.