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Home owners can check the WOZ data via My RBG WOZ pre-notification

Did you receive a pre-notification letter from the RBG this week? Then you can use My RBG WOZ pre-notification Check the details. The RBG uses this data and the market data (sales figures) to calculate the WOZ value. Are the details not correct? Then you can edit the details online. This is called a pre-notification.

What is the advantage of pre-notification?

In order to accurately determine your WOZ value, it is important that the data is correct. The WOZ value is a key factor in determining your tax assessment.

If the WOZ-value is correct, you do not need to lodge an objection to the assessment afterwards.

What kind of details does this concern?

The relevant details include:

  • Size of the house
  • With/without dormer, extension, storage, solar panels
  • How old are the bathroom and kitchen?
  • What is the state of maintenance?

Until when can you edit your details?

Did you receive the pre-notification letter? Then please check your details within two months. The details apply for next year’s assessment.

You will not receive a message after editing your details

Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. You can check My RBG for whether the edited details are in the system yet. This may take some time as we check the data first.

Pre-notification pilot

The RBG will send the first 300 letters to home owners this week. This applies to home owners in Delft, Schiedam and Vlaardingen. Later, other home owners in these communities will receive a pre-notification letter. After that, they too can edit their details.