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Which documents should I send with the exemption form?

The following documents for both you and your partner. Is something not applicable to you or your partner? Then you do not need to send it.

1. Last income payslip:

  • Benefits
  • AOW state pension (from 1 January or 1 July of this year)
  • Pension
  • Salary slip (Is there more than one income/wage? Then send us the last three months)
  • Statement of study financing
  • Overview accrued student loan DUO
  • Alimony receipt
  • Statement of General Levy Rebate Tax Authorities (for this year)

2. Statement of advance payment decision from the Tax Authorities (for this year):

  • Housing benefit
  • Healthcare tax credit
  • Child support tax credit
  • Do you live in the Delfland water control board area? Then also Childcare tax credit. And the bank statement of childcare expenses paid.

3. The last rent specification of this year.

4. Healthcare policy with this year’s amounts.

5. Receipt of full repayment for any tax debts.

6. Evidence that you are unable to do without your car or motorbike (handicapped parking permit / employer statement) and copies of your vehicle registration card, Part 1 and 2.

7. Complete sets of bank statements of all internet or bank accounts and internet or bank savings accounts of the past 3 months. The balance and all amounts added and deducted must be visible.