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Which correspondence do I receive from the RBG in digital form?

The Regional Tax Group (RBG) sends more letters digitally via the Berichtenbox. This applies to customers who have registered with

What digital post does RBG send?
  1. Tax return
  2. Request for IBAN if it is not in our system
  3. Unpaid direct debit term
  4. Notification reduction
  5. Acknowledgement of receipt of waiver
  6. Decision on waiver
  7. Confirmation of receipt of objection
  8. Confirmation of direct debit authorisation
  9. Cancellation of direct debit authorisation
Would you also like to receive your post from RBG in digital form?

Please register on And select the Regional Tax Group as an organisation from which you wish to receive digital messages.

More information can be found on our page RBG post digitally in MijnOverheid Berichtenbox