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When will I receive my tax bill?

The RBG will send the tax bills in the following months

  • January/February: Water board tax for users (renters)
  • February: Municipality taxes for Delft, Schiedam and Vlaardingen (owners and renters), including water board taxes. And renters that do not qualify for automatic exemption.
  • March, April, May: Water board taxes for owners, except in Delft, Schiedam and Vlaardingen

In some cases, you will receive the tax bill later. For example, if you are paying another tax bill in January/February by means of direct debit collection. Or if all of your information is not yet known. In the latter case, we sometimes levy the tax in two parts. You will then receive two tax bills. The first one is for the use of the home (waste water treatment levy and water system levy for residents). And the second one is for the property (water system levy for the owner).