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What and how much is the Seizure-exempt threshold?

The RBG may not claim the amount of income below the Seizure-exempt threshold This is at least 95% of the income support standard. Is your income higher? Then your employer/withholding agent will withhold the difference. This is paid out to the RBG.

The RBG determines the seizure-exempt threshold based on requesting information about your income and residential situation. We do not have full information. For example, you may have a high cost of living, or other parties may have seized goods. For this reason, please check the details. Please report any changes via My RBG or contact the Debt Collection team for assistance, telephone number 088 291 11 70. You may file an objection.

More information about your seizure-exempt threshold can be found at If you click on this link, you will see at the bottom right of the page: Check seizure-exempt threshold. Here you can calculate whether your seizure-exempt threshold has been calculated correctly.