What is the IBAN bank account number of the Regionale Belasting Groep?

The RBG’s IBAN number is:
NL21 NWAB 0636 7516 78

How do I pay?
No Acceptgiro payment form included with your assessment?
How much do I have to pay?
Can I pay via iDEAL?
If I submit an objection, can I wait to pay until I get a decision back?
I’ve paid half of the amount due – will I get an Acceptgiro (payment order form) for the remainder of the amount?
Can I receive and pay assessments from the RBG online?
What costs are involved if I don’t pay on time?
I cannot pay the assessment – Will I be able to get an exemption (kwijtschelding)?
I am not able to pay the amount. Can I get financial help?
Who receives the tax assessment?
When must the assessment be paid?
Why do I have to make my payments to the RBG?
What am I paying for?
I live outside of the Netherlands – How do I pay the assessment?
I am a diplomat. Do I need to pay this tax?