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More people can get an exemption

From 2023, people with some savings are also eligible for an exemption. The value of your car/motorbike may also be higher to be eligible for an exemption.

What is an exemption?

If you get an exemption, you will only have to pay part of your tax bill. This applies for persons who meet all conditions.

How much savings are you permitted to have in 2023?

This depends on your situation.

  • A single person may have a maximum amount of EUR 3,000 on all savings accounts combined.
  • A single parent may have a maximum amount of EUR 3,550 (on all savings accounts combined).
  • Married couples/cohabitants may have a maximum amount of EUR 4,000 (on all savings accounts combined).

Do your savings slightly exceed this figure? If so, you can still apply for an exemption. Exceptions are made in some cases.

The value of your car/motorbike may not exceed EUR 3,350

In 2022, the maximum amount was EUR 2,269.

Do you want to apply for an exemption?

Do the exemption check first. In this check you will find all conditions for getting an exemption. You will find out if applying for an exemption makes any sense. After doing the check, you can apply for an exemption. There are two ways to do this:

  • Digitally via Mijn RBG. You need a DigiD for this.
  • Via the telephone:  088 291 11 99. You need your contact number for this. You can find this number on your tax bill or other letter you have received from us.

You do not have to send any data yet. We check your data with various organisations.

Why are more people able to get an exemption?

On 1 January 2023, the law was adjusted. As a result, municipalities and water authorities may decide to grant an exemption to people who have some savings. All municipalities and water authorities for which the RBG levies taxes have decided to do this.

For some taxes, exemptions are not possible

Usually, there are two or more taxes on your tax bill. For some taxes, exemptions are not possible. This applies, for example, for the waste water treatment levy.

Do you want to know more about exemptions?

Go to our page exemption. You can also find the exemption checker there.