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Monitoring of Dog Tax in Vlaardingen and Schiedam

Starting this week, the Regional Tax Group (Dutch: Regionale Belasting Groep or RBG) will begin to monitor Dog Tax payments.

Dog Tax assessment

Do you live in Vlaardingen or Schiedam, and do you own a dog? Then the RBG will send you an assessment considering dog tax. The RBG sends these assessments of behalf of the municipality. People who own a dog, need to register the animal with the RBG themselves. The RBG performs regular checks to see whether or not dogs are registered.

Register your dog

You can register your dog online via Mijn RBG. You will need a DigiD for this. You can also download the application form and send this in the post. Make sure you fill it out completely. By registering your dog yourself, you prevent us from sending you an additional assessment, which often includes a fine.

Our inspectors will inspect every house

This year, the RBG will perform inspections from March until the end of October. Our inspectors will ring the doorbell of every single house in Vlaardingen and Schiedam. They will carry their identification in a clearly visible manner.

Would you like to know more about dog tax? You can find more information on the dog tax page.