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The WOZ value of my house is too high. Can I send a notice of objection?

The RBG handles the WOZ-value for the municipalities of Delft, Schiedam, and Vlaardingen. You can submit objections regarding these WOZ values to the RBG. The quickest way to do this is digitally through My RBG. Alternatively, you can download the Or use our appeal form WOZ and send it back to us. On the WOZ page, you’ll find more information about the WOZ value of your property.

If you wish to contest the WOZ value of your home in a different municipality, you should address your objection directly to that municipality, not the RBG.

Make sure to pay the tax bill in time. If the municaipality adjuste the value, they will inform the RBG. You will receive a refund for the excess amount paid.