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Consultation hours on local taxes at Vlaardingen Food Bank

On Friday 16 June, employees of the Regional Tax Group (RBG) will be present at Vlaardingen Food Bank. Do you have questions about the municipal or water board tax or are you experiencing payment problems? Then come by between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm.  

The RBG likes to get in touch with people who have difficulty paying local taxes. Together we can see if a payment arrangement is possible.  

The Special Management team helps people with debts 
The employees present are part of the Special Management team, which was set up to help people who have trouble paying. Their motto is: We have a solution for everyone.  

Contacting the RBG 
Do you have problems paying but can’t come to the consultation hours? Please contact the Special Management team. You can call us on 088 291 10 45 or email You will also find more information about the RBG and the Special Management team on our website.