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Cannock Chase visits you at home on behalf of the RBG

Did you receive a tax bill from the RBG? And did you fail to pay this on time? Then you may be visited by a representative of Cannock Chase. This company visits people at home on behalf of the RBG. The representative listens to your story, explains things and looks at the possibilities. You can always pay our tax bill in instalments. The representative bears an identity card from Cannock Chase. You can always ask for this.

Please contact us if the representative left a message

Were you not at home? Then the representative left a message with his/her direct number or 088 291 10 45. We urgently ask you to call this number.

What happens if you do nothing?

Then we are unfortunately unable to assess your situation. We will carry on with the collection process. This means additional costs and an increase of your debt. Always contact us so we can help you.

You can find more information on our debts page

There you can read, for example, where you can turn to if you have more debts.