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Owners receive a single assessment for all branches

As of 2022, owners will receive a single assessment showing all branches. The first assessments will be sent this week.   

Why do owners receive a single assessment for all branches?

Government organisations are required to link company data to the data in the basic registration of the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). This involves retrieving the data from the Chamber of Commerce’s Trade Register. This action will streamline the business data across government organisations. It also means that, as in the Trade Register, all branches are under the statutory owner.

What can you do if the new company information is incorrect?

As of 2022, RBG will apply the company data from the KvK’s Trade Register. These may differ from the company data to date. Is this information incorrect? Then contact the Chamber of Commerce. The KvK will update the data in the Trade Register and automatically forward the changes to RBG. RBG automatically updates the data. This also applies to forwarding both correspondence and/or office addresses.

Can you still pay by direct debit?

Companies can pay assessments of up to 5,000 euros in instalments by direct debit. Is the total amount of the assessment under 5,000 euros? Then you can still pay by direct debit.