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Logging in to My RBG with eHerkenning security level 3

As of 8 december 2021, companies can log in to Mijn RBG with eHerkenning security level 3 (EH3).

Why eHerkenning level 3?

More and more often EH3 is required to prove who you are online. Soon, EH3 will become the norm. We advise you to implement a minimum of EH3 now. You can also use EH3 to log into a service for which you need a lower security level. In this case, you need to be authorised by your company to use this service.

What is the difference with level 2+?

At level EH3, additional security measures are built into authorisation checks. Private data are checked based on an original identity document. The issue is either online or by registered mail.

Transition period until April 1, 2022.

The RBG works with a transition period. Companies can log in using security level 2+ until April 1, 2022.

More information about eHerkenning

eHerkenning is a log in device for companies, approved and checked by the Central Government. There are multiple security levels (EH1 to EH4). The higher the level, the more security companies have about who you are. By using a higher security level, more sensitive details and information can be safely shared. The organisation you log into with eHerkenning determines the level of security. For more information please visit