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Are you not satisfied about how you were treated? You have the right to submit a complaint.

All rules are set out in the Verordening klachten RBG.

When not to submit a complaint

Complaints cannot be accepted if:

  • if you have submitted a complaint about the same issue already.
  • the relevant event is more than one year ago.
  • the complaint is part of RBG’s policies. For example the name of the person listed on the tax bill.
  • the complaint concerns something that applies to all tax payers. For example the rates. This is set out in a tax regulation.
  • you do not agree with an RBG decision. And you can file an objection or an appeal. This is the case if:
  • we reject your application for an exemption.
  • we reject your application for an objection.
  • you do not agree with the fees of a demand for payment letter or writ of execution.

How do we handle your complaint?

The RBG aims to solve the complaint together with you as much as possible. You will receive notice accordingly.

Are you not satisfied with how your complaint was processed?

Then please contact the National Ombudsman.

by telephone on 0800 335 55 55 This is a toll-free number.

digital communications via


Do you have a complaint? Please use the form. Do you want to submit your complaint in writing? Please send your complaint to Regional Tax Group, FAO the Complaints Coordinator, PO Box 923, 3100 AX in Schiedam.