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Telephone service RBG rated with a 9.0

The RBG had the quality of its telephone services again measured in June 2019 by research agency Telan. Telan has rated the telephone service with a 9.0. A figure that the RBG is proud of. The RBG largely distinguishes itself from the reference group (benchmark governments) that scores 7.7.

Research results Telan

In 95% of the number of conversations listened to, the researcher wishes to get the same employee on the line as the client had. In 100% of all conversations, the caller is given the opportunity to tell his / her story and they listen attentively and ask specific counter questions.

Client-oriented action is important

The RBG believes that customer-oriented action is important and therefore devotes a lot of attention, time and money to it. This year, the RBG started with the equal treatment of customer questions by the Customer Contacts team as much as possible. The RBG also looks at how the customer can be better informed. Fast and effective deployment at the front leads to fewer follow-up actions and administrative aftercare at the rear.

Quality of service RBG

The quality of our services can also be measured by other indicators such as the number of complaints and objections. The number of complaints is minimal on the total number of expressions from the RBG to the customer. No matter how few there are, every complaint is handled very seriously by us.