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Please contact us if you are unable to pay your RBG tax bills

Do you have debts, and are you unable to pay your RBG tax bills as a result? Please always contact us if you are in this situation. You can reach us on working days on telephone number 088 291 10 00. We want to help people in debt. Together, we will look for a suitable solution. Did you know that we have a dedicated page about Debts. Here you can read what you can do if you have debts.

What does the RBG do in situations of problematic debts?

One of the goals of the RBG is to help people with (problematic) debts. We put a lot of time into this. We try to reach these people at an early stage. We look for solutions together. All in order to prevent these clients from unnecessarily increasing their costs and debts.

Please also always contact your local council

Due to national regulations, we are not permitted to contact your municipality. That is why it is important that you personally contact your municipality. The municipality can help you with your debts. You can read more about this on our Debts page.