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Phishing/fake mail

A phishing email is a fake email. Criminals send phishing mails. That’s how they try to steal from you. For example, your online banking details or your money.

Fake mails sent to municipal and water board taxes

Criminals also regularly send fake emails about municipal and water board taxes. This could be a reminder or a demand for payment. They ask you to transfer money. Usually through a link in the mail or to a foreign bank account.

What can you do?

  • Do not transfer money or click on the link
  • Please call us if you are unsure if the mail is genuine: 088 291 10 00
  • In any case, call us if the Regional Tax Group is listed as the sender. We never send unsolicited payment requests via email
  • Report the fake email to de
  • Delete the fake mail
  • Did you pay already? Then report it to the police.