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Payment in instalments

Paying your outstanding amount in installments is in many cases possible. View the options below

How does payment in instalments work?

  1. You request payment in instalments (direct debit)

    This can be done via My RBG or by telephone (088 291 10 00)

  2. Do you want a different payment day or fewer instalments?

    You can arrange this via My RBG.

  3. You will receive our decision within 10 days

    Requested by telephone? You will receive a letter. This states whether payment in instalments is possible.
    Applied via My RBG? You will immediately see the confirmation of your authorization. No written confirmation will be sent.

Simply set up payment in instalments

Rules paying in instalments

  • For tax bills up to € 5,000,-
  • The first installment is collected one month after receiving the tax-bill
  • We collect every 25th of the month
  • Each month that you authorize us later, means fewer instalments remain
  • The minimum amount per term is € 15.-
  • Maximum number of installments 10
  • Is the tax-bill amount less than € 150.-? The amount will then be debited in fewer instalments
  • Paying in instalments is possible for most taxes except municipal fees. Mobile home rights and houseboat rights

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