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Waste collection charges

The municipal authorities collect and process commercial waste. The municipal authorities pay for these costs using the waste collection charges.

For whom

Every business that has commercial waste collected by the municipal waste collection service.

How calculated

You pay a fixed rate up to a maximum of 480 litres per 2 weeks (excluding VAT) and a rate for each subsequent of 240 litres.

Vlaardingen and Schiedam
There are several rates. The amount depends on the number of 60-litre bags you offer for processing.


Delft: rates 2024

Category Rate
up to a maximum of 480 litres per 2 weeks € 473.20 ex VAT
for each subsequent 240 litres € 238.38 ex VAT

Schiedam: rates 2024

Category Rate
average up to 4 60-litre bags € 468.60 ex VAT
average up to 8 60-litre bags € 937.20 ex VAT
average up to 12 60-litre bags € 1,405.80 ex VAT
average up to 16 60-litre bags € 1,559.64 ex VAT
average up to 20 60-litre bags € 1,729.68 ex VAT

Vlaardingen: rates 2024

Category Rate
Maximum 4 60-litre bags € 459.73 ex VAT
Maximum 8 60-litre bags € 919.46 ex VAT
Maximum 12 60-litre bags € 1,379.19 ex VAT