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Tourist/accommodation tax

Municipal authorities receive a certain amount per resident from the national government. If many tourists are staying in a municipal area, the municipal authorities incur a higher cost. For example to keep the streets clean and maintain roads. The municipal authorities pays for these costs from the tourist tax funds.

For whom?

People who have not registered with the municipal authorities. They spend the night in the municipality, for example in a hotel, boarding house, B&B or at a campsite and they pay for this.   Residents who are registered with the municipality do not have to pay tourist tax if they spend the night in their own municipality.

How can you declare taxes?

You will receive an invitation via email every quarter. This email will state how you can declare the taxes digitally via Mijn RBG.
Are you offering overnight stays, are receiving money for it and have not yet received an invitation? Please contact us via (+31) (0)88 291 10 00.

How is the tax calculated?

You pay a fixed rate per visitor per night. For example for each guest staying in a hotel, pension, B&B or camping.

Rates 2024

€ 1.00 per person per night on a camping
€ 4.25 per person per night for other accommodation (including hotels or pensions)
€ 3,32 per person per night
€ 2,94 per person per night