More information for municipalities

The water boards of Delfland and of Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard and the municipalities Delft, Schiedam en Vlaardingen together comprise the RBG’s five affiliated partners.

Greater cost-effectiveness and convenience for customers – this was the incentive for forming the Regionale Belasting Groep. By consolidating the shared knowledge and experience into a single organisation, the RBG is able to guarantee the quality of its processes and application and retention of knowledge for the future. The partnership also allows for a more corporate and efficient execution of duties, which in turn also leads to greater cost-savings. Private individuals and businesses can depend on receiving tax assessments based on the lowest possible cost to the local (taxpayer) community. 

This greater efficiency is achieved through optimisation and extensive automation of the organisation’s processes. Staff can be allocated more flexibly and data management is optimal. An important aspect of this latter point is that we never ask customers for information that is already registered elsewhere. This of course is also in line with the prevailing preference for universal registries within Dutch government agencies.

Once more municipalities start partnering into such regional organisations, the benefits will only increase. Moreover, the RBG is actively looking for more municipal partners.

To find out more about what the RBG can mean to you, please contact John Kooistra, financial controller.