Waste disposal levy (afvalstoffenheffing)

Who has to pay the waste disposal levy (afvalstoffenheffing)?

Users of a so-called zelfstandige woonruimte (a housing unit with a bedroom/living room and its own kitchen & bath) – for example, a tenant or the owner of the property who also lives there – pay the waste disposal levy. It does not make a difference how much garbage you put out on the street to be collected (even if you never put out garbage to be collected). The point is that the option for waste collection exists. That is why owners of leisure properties such as bungalows also pay this levy.


How is the amount of the assessment for the waste disposal levy calculated?

There are two fixed rates for the waste disposal levy: a single-person household rate and a multiple-person household rate.
The height of the rate does not depend on the volume of garbage you put out for collection. It therefore makes no difference whether you put out a little, a lot or no garbage at all.

The RBG will assume that your household consists of the number of people as registered for your address in the municipal records (Basisregistratie personen, BRP)*. If you come to live alone at some point during the year, we will automatically change the assessment. The amount paid too much will be recredited to your account or deducted from future assessments.

*Always report a change of address or a death or birth within the household to your municipality (gemeente).

When will I receive the assessment for the waste disposal levy?

The RBG sends out municipal tax assessments in the following months:

  • in January for the Delft municipality
  • in February for the municipalities Vlaardingen and Schiedam

You will receive your assessment later than this if at the time of issue we do not yet have all your necessary information.

Why do I have to pay the waste disposal levy?

This levy is for the collection and processing of waste from residences, mobile or modular homes and houseboats.

What is the rate for the waste disposal levy?
The answer to this question depends on the location. Your information can be found by entering the zip code with number (without addition).
Check your postal code
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