Tourist tax (toeristenbelasting)

Who must pay the tourist tax (toeristenbelasting)?

EPeople from outside the municipality (for example, tourists or people on a business trip) who make overnight stays in a hotel, boarding house, other overnight accommodation establishment or on a campsite must pay the tourist tax. Residents of the municipality do not have to pay tourist tax when staying in overnight accommodation within their municipality. Owners of hotels, boarding houses, campsites or other overnight accommodation must pay the tax they charge to the RBG.

How is the amount of the tourist tax determined?

A fixed nightly rate applies for an overnight stay at a hotel, boarding house, campsite or other overnight accommodation establishment.

Why do I have to pay tourist tax?

Municipalities receive funds from the state for every resident (member of the population). If too many tourists make stays in the municipality, it costs the municipality more (for example, for street cleaning and maintenance). The municipality is able to pay for these extra costs in part because of the tourist tax.

What is the rate for the tourist tax?
The answer to this question depends on the location. Your information can be found by entering the zip code with number (without addition).
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