House sold

Selling your house will have no consequences for the assessment for the current year.

I’ve sold my house – will this affect the assessment amount?

If you sell your house during the course of the year, this will have no effect on the amount of the assessment, because the situation as it was on 1 January will determine the assessment for the entire year. For the current year you will therefore pay the assessments for the property which you owned on 1 January. However, note that the amounts for such assessments are typically transferred to the buyer by the notary upon sale. If you also bought a house, you will then not receive a new assessment for the ongoing year.

I received an assessment for an address I moved out of before 1 January.

If you received a tax assessment for an address where you no longer lived or that you no longer owned on 1 January, you can submit an objection. The quickest way to do this is online in My RBG. Private individuals will need a DigiD (digital ID) to log in. If you do not yet have a DigiD, you can easily apply for one at

Make sure to include documents with your objection proving that you were no longer the owner of the property on 1 January.