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Rates Vlaardingen 2021

Please find below the most prevalent rates for the municipal of Vlaardingen.

Explanation of adjusted non-residential OZB tax rate in the Vlaardingen municipal area

The non-residential OZB rate (tax on buildings) in the Vlaardingen municipal area has significantly changed this year: Previously, the OZB always consisted of 2 parts:

  • The OZB for owners/landlords of a property
  • And the OZB for users of the property.

In the new situation, the OZB for users is eliminated. Instead, the entire OZB for the property will be charged to the owners/landlords. As a result, the rate for the owners/landlords is considerably higher. If renting out properties, they may charge this to their tenant/lessee. This depends on the agreements between lessor and lessee in this respect.

The municipality has opted for this new system to ensure that the OZB tax is still paid when a building is vacant. Also, this new rule aims to ensure that owners will make an even greater effort to find a new tenant for vacant buildings.