Direct debit/Payment in instalments

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, both private individuals and businesses with a tax assessment for an amount of up to €5,000 have the option of paying in instalments. You will need to provide authorisation for direct debit withdrawal of the instalments.

We recommend that you call the RBG to provide your authorisation for direct debit at (+31)(0)88 291 10 00 (make sure to have your contact number (contactnummer) on hand). Alternatively, you can also do so online. Private individuals will have to enter their DigiD information to log in; if you do not yet have a DigiD, you can easily apply for one at The amount due will be withdrawn from your bank account in up to 10 consecutive monthly instalments. Note that with the passing of each month before arranging direct debit, fewer instalments will still be left. The minimum amount per instalment is €15.00. Therefore, if the total amount due is less than €150.00, the amount will have to be paid in fewer instalments (fewer than 10). 

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