Demand for payment letter (aanmaning) / Writ of execution (dwangbevel) / Overdue payment recovery

Commonly asked questions about the overdue payment collection process

I never received an assessment/I’ve already paid my assessment – why did I get a demand for payment letter (first overdue payment recovery letter, aanmaning) / writ of execution (second overdue payment recovery letter, dwangbevel)?
I have received an aanmaning/dwangbevel (a demand for payment letter/ writ of execution) – can I still pay in instalments?
How do I pay the aanmaning/dwangbevel (demand for payment letter/ writ of execution)?
Why did I receive an aanmaning/dwangbevel (demand for payment letter/ writ of execution)?
I don’t agree with the fees for the payment recovery letter (aanmaning / dwangbevel).
I cannot pay the aanmaning / dwangbevel (demand for payment letter/ writ of execution)– can I request exemption for it?
I have received a renewed injunction, can I still apply for an exemption?
How much interest do I have to pay?
As of when will interest be charged on an overdue payment?
What is a hernieuwd bevel tot betaling (2nd writ of execution, 3rd overdue payment recovery letter)?
What fees are involved if I pay my aanmaning/dwangbevel after the specified due date?
What measures does the RBG take to recover overdue payments?
Why did I not first receive a reminder letter without any added fees instead?
Which address is this aanmaning/dwangbevel(demand for payment letter/ writ of execution) for?
I paid my aanmaning (demand for payment letter), but not the fees for the letter (€7.00/16.00) – why am I getting a dwangbevel (writ of execution) now?
How do I pay from outside of the Netherlands?