General questions

How is the assessment calculated / How do I calculate my assessment
Why is my company receiving more tax returns?
Why is my company still receiving tax returns for previous years?
Why does the RBG ask for my BSN and date of birth on the telephone?
Is it correct that the RBG is making phone calls from the following telephone number: 010 312 02 68
RBG opening hours
What is RBG’s telephone number?
Does the RBG have an e-mail address?
Who is the assessment sent to / In whose name is the assessment?
Can I receive assessments from the RBG online?
I have a question about my digital tax bill sent to me through “MijnOverheid”
How is the amount on my tax assessment calculated?
What is the rate/are the rates for the taxes?
When will I receive my tax assessment?
How can I object to a tax assessment?
Does the RBG take into account the non-garnishable portion (beslagvrije voet)?
For which taxes will the situation as it is/was on 1 January be assumed in determining the assessments due for that entire year?
Why do we receive 2 assessments at our address (instead of just 1 for 1 address)?
Which taxes are automatically recalculated if something changes during the course of the year (for example, a change of address, or change to a single-person household)
What is a zelfstandige (housing unit without shared amenities)/onzelfstandige (shared) residence (a residence with/without shared amenities)?
On whose behalf does the RBG collect taxes?
I’ve received an assessment in the mail in the name of the previous user/owner – what should I do?
Do I have to report a change of address/death in the household to the RBG?
Who does the RBG consider the owner of a property?
Why am I getting an assessment for a previous year?
Who receives the assessment if rooms are being rented out at the address?
I have a question about the order to garnish my wages (loonvordering)
Why can I not get automatic exemption?
In which water board region do I live?
Do I have to report a change of address?